Psychopharmacology in Plain English.

Thursday, 9 Jan, 2020
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8:00 AM
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Clear, Concise, and Current Information on Psychotropic Medications 

Does this sound familiar? Your clients are taking multiple psychotropic medications prescribed by different health care professionals. You watch as prescriptions stream in from psychiatrists, family physicians, nurse practitioners, and others, and you discover that your clients have no idea who wrote which prescription or why they are even taking the medication. You realize that despite the confusion, you still have a responsibility to know your clients’ symptoms and reactions to medications, and to coordinate their care. 

Dr. Kenneth Carter shares practical and useful information that you need to advocate for your clients. You will get the latest information on antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications, medications for insomnia, and others. You will take a close look at the ethical decisions that accompany their use. You will leave better prepared to communicate with your clients as well as the prescribers, as Dr. Carter instructs you on how the medications work, their benefits, and the side effects and dangerous reactions associated with them. 

Do you want to vastly increase your knowledge and ability to communicate with your clients and health care providers? The prescription: Register for this seminar!
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