3-Day: EMDR Intensive Training: Neuroscience, Diagnosis and State of the Art Practices to Treat Complex Trauma..

Wednesday, 8 Jan, 2020
Start time
8:00 AM
Length of Event
2days 7hours
As a clinician, there is little doubt that OUTLINE you are working with trauma. In the field of traumatic stress, there have been many
updates and improvements designed to improve treatment outcomes. One of those improvements is the trauma processing
modality, Eye Movement Desensitization and Repro-cessing (EMDR). Evidence suggests that EMDR is one of the most effective modalities for treating trauma and PTSD. So, if you’ve yet to learn this skill, now is the time!

This is a training you don’t want to miss! It’s your opportunity to:
Learn EMDR skills and why it is such an effect treatment for both single incident PTSD and complex trauma
Participate in hands-on practice of EMDR and other trauma treatment tools in a safe and supervised environment
Learn this dynamic, comprehensive skill that will equip you to start improving outcomes with traumatized clients right away
Sign up today to become a better therapist for your clients suffering from trauma’s multitude of symptoms.
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