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Young adult is generally a person in the age range of 20 to 29.
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Target Issues
Addiction, Alcohol Abuse, Drug Abuse
Dallas Sober House, Dallas Transitional Living or Dallas Sober Living houses are the answer to these important questions. We are a group of recovered addicts and alcoholics that are here to support the newly recovering. We are a structured living environment that supports the lifestyle of the recovering addict. At our Fort Worth Transitional Living we have a live in house manager 24/7. Through day to day accountability and the achievement of goals and basic life skills, our guests are supported by other addicts who share a common goal. Whether you are fresh out of treatment or just getting sober, we are here for you.

We completely understand it can be a treacherous journey to get from a serious addiction all the way to the point of being able to live on your own; however our dedication to the success of our guests is the secret to conveying the powerful message of hope we strive towards. We are committed to teaching our residents a Spiritual program of action and then holding them accountable to doing it.
House Ameneties:
Cable TV
Jon Obenoskey
Business Development / Marketing
Jon has worked in the recovery industry for four years and has held various positions in local treatment centers in the Austin, TX area. Jon has experience working for recovery homes as a recovery advocate. Jon personally struggled with his own addiction and at the age of 19 he obtained sobriety. He is a testament to the 12 steps and what they can do in an addict’s life to bring about the changes needed to experience success. He went to multiple treatment centers before he was able to "stay stopped".

Jon states that getting sober at a young age he struggled with the questions of "what do I do with the rest of my life?" and "what will my life look like without drinking?" He is driven to show people how to obtain sobriety and live a purposeful life without drugs or alcohol.

Jon reports that one of the most powerful messages that he has heard was that he did not have to live that way anymore, and as surprising as it sounds he did not think he had any other options. He strongly believes that an alcoholic or drug addict can't just stop when they want to. "Instead what is required is taking action in the recovery process and then not drinking or using is not an issue".
Thomas McConatha
Case Manager
Thomas has a passion for this field after spending 18 years in and around the treatment industry. Thomas spent 21 years fighting his own battle with alcoholism and addiction. After experiencing the miracle of freedom from active addiction and alcoholism, Thomas feels that his divine calling and real purpose is to help fellow alcoholics and addicts achieve long term sobriety through practical application of the 12 steps and a spiritual way of life. Thomas wholeheartedly believes in our team and our no nonsense approach to breaking the cycle of addiction.
Jack Omen
Lead Peer Advocate
Jack has a passion for helping people after his experience with his own addiction. After finding a solution to his own problem he feels as though his purpose is to pass along what he learned. Jack is passionate about the 12 steps and a spiritual way of life and finding the most effective way to pass that along to others. He is an International Peer Recovery specialist by the Texas Certification Board of Addiction Professionals. He is originally from Austin, TX and enjoys water sports and staying physically active.
Briana Sefcik, MS
LCSW Executive Clinical Director
Briana has been working in the addiction field since obtaining her Master’s Degree in 2004. The experience she has gained from moving up from entry level counselor through program direct and now executive clinical director has allowed her to identify and rely on what works and letting go of what does not work. Briana’s passion in helping others find their truth and be set free has only increased since beginning in the field over ten years ago. Not only does Briana relish working with the clients at Brazos Intensive Outpatient Program, LLC, but she also enjoys working with the family members/loved ones and takes pride in the amazing staff that has grown up about Brazos since the program opened. Briana also enjoys spending quality family time with her family and watching her niece and nephew grow up. She also enjoys reading, movies and a new found love of traveling, passport in progress!
Kim Patterson
LCDC / Marketing
Kim began pursuing her LCDC certification after watching the devastating effects that drugs had on a friend’s life.

Kim’s heart and passion for those in recovery are a vital component of the Brazos Recovery Services support team. Passionate about the healing power of God in her own life, Kim also brings spiritual insight to the recovery process of each resident. Kim has first-hand experience of what it takes to re-create your life through God and is more than willing to share this. Kim is a devoted mother, wife and spends a great deal of her energy on helping family members that have loved ones struggling with addiction.
Josh Slay
Vice President
Josh came to us from a nationally known treatment facility. He brings to Brazos a wealth of passion and experience. Josh has served on the front lines, battling addiction for over four years. He brings his personal recovery experience, winning his own war over clinical dependency. He dedicates his life to helping others achieve the freedom he has been given.

Josh is a strong advocate of meeting people where they are at and being an example for them as he lives what he teaches. He brings a no nonsense approach laced with love and compassion to help reach those who are lost as Josh once was. Josh is currently pursuing his degree in business and is certified by the Texas Certification Board of Addiction Professionals as a Peer Recovery Support Specialist. Josh is an invaluable member of our team.
Ben Patterson
As founder of Ebbys Place LLC and DFW Sober Coaching, Ben Patterson brings the vision of hope to both organizations. Ben’s vision to offer quality accountability to the on-going treatment of newly recovering addicts and alcoholics has become the basis for hope for the many recovered addicts that have come through Ebbys Place. Through Bens own 20 year battle with addiction his recovery has brought about an experience that he now passes on to others, not only those tied with the house but in all aspects of treatment. His passion is in chasing addicts and drunks and showing them that there is a new way to live. Ben is very passionate about the recovery process that has saved his life and countless others. He is committed to each resident and stays on top of what is going on in there day to day lives. Ben believes in residents transforming their lives through living by and following the 12 steps and developing a personal relationship with God.
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