Eudaimonia Recovery Homes (Women's)

Young adult is generally a person in the age range of 20 to 29.
Teenagers, Young Adult, Adult
Target Issues
Addiction, Alcohol Abuse, Drug Abuse
At Eudaimonia Recovery Homes, we are committed to providing you a positive, safe and clean home to begin your new life. Your experience will be filled with fun, recovery and education.This will enable you to have structure and begin a new life free from all addictive substances. It is our goal to help you get prepared for life’s challenges and begin a new way of living that promotes integrity, self-awareness, compassion and teamwork… essential skills for your new life.
House Ameneties:
Recovery Support Services

After primary addiction treatment, Eudaimonia Recovery Homes has designed an addiction curriculum, with the goal of long-term, even lifetime, recovery that includes abstinence from alcohol, drug use and achieving a life of happiness.

Relapse is most common in the first 90 days after completion of primary treatment. Our Recovery Support Program is designed to help clients achieve a foundation of recovery, in this time frame.

The primary focus of our Recovery Support Program is to; develop and learn life skills, grow and participate in a program of recovery. To aid in the building of a firm foundation in recovery and assist in preventing relapse, our Recovery Support Program is comprised of the following:

  • AMP – Addiction Monitoring Program
  • Three Phase Program
  • SEV – Support Employment Volunteering
  • Alcohol & Core Drug Screening & Toxicology Reporting
Therapeutic Services

In most cases, individuals seeking a continuum of recovery care in the Austin, Texas area are transitioning from other cities or states. During a recovering individual's stay in a residential inpatient facility, medication is often prescribed during the treatment process. Being new to a city or state, creates obstacles in establishing a relationship with a doctor. To help with the transition, Eudaimonia Recovery Homes utilizes Dr. Fredric Wilson's services to help recovery individuals be assessed and continue their prescribed medication in their treatment process.


Eudaimonia Recovery Homes has counselors ready to work with participants in the program. Early sobriety is a tough time, and having someone to discuss thoughts and feelings with and come up with strategies to act against negative behavior is a vital tool. The caring and hard-working counselors who work for Eudaimonia Recovery Homes are there for members!


Eudaimonia also provides direct recovery coaching to its members. It can be daunting to get a sponsor, get a job or volunteer, and face the day-to-day decisions of early sobriety. Coaches can help set goals and plans and monitor the efforts of newly recovering addict and alcoholics. They can also act as liaisons between Eudaimonia members and family, providing valuable information to both parties while helping maintain healthy boundaries in early addiction.

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