How to Form an Authentic and Productive Connection with Patients Who Hold You at Arm's Length

Thursday, 9 Jan, 2020
Start time
9:00 AM
Length of Event
4 week course -  Live Streamed Online - Cost: $240- 7 CE hours

Many of us struggle to work productively with patients who resist forming a collaborative alliance.  Such patients may engage in challenging behaviors such as repeatedly “forgetting” to do homework, passively declining the opportunity to get to work, avoiding openly sharing feelings, or saying that they are “just not able” to get out of bed. In this live online course, you will learn practical methods that will help you form a warm, productive connection with even the most challenging patients. You will have a chance to implement these skills by role playing your toughest cases while receiving feedback.

Please note: Attendance is required at all four meetings in order to obtain CE credit. Partial credit cannot be granted.

After participating in this 4-week course you will be able to:

Pinpoint your own role in creating Alliance Resistance
Name your own negative thoughts and feelings that can arise in the setting of Alliance Resistance
Describe the advanced empathy technique called Changing the Focus
Use the relationship technique called Forced Empathy
Use the Interpersonal Downward Arrow technique
Describe the concept of the Gentle Ultimatum and Sitting with Open Hands to hold your patients accountable for change

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Jill Levitt, PhD
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(650) 209-8818