J. Joseph Walsh V

Recovery Advocate
Joseph grew up in Columbia, South Carolina. With alcohol and mental illness in his family, his parents did the best they could to educate him about the dangers of addiction. But, as he grew older, curiosity got the better of him, and he soon found himself addicted to drugs. What started as something fun to do with friends soon brought about isolation and some nasty consequences. After multiple treatment centers, Joseph found himself homeless, alone, and broken. Reaching out for help, he received the option to go to a final rehabilitation center, Capstone. Upon completing this treatment, Joseph knew it would not be enough. Research and insight from trusted friends led him to Patton Sober Living. He lived at Patton House for a year, and proceeded to get a house in Dallas as he continues his education. Joseph's unique perspective, being a former resident of Patton Sober Living, has helped him relate on a deeper level to clients, and to better encourage them in recovery.