Jon Obenoskey

Business Development / Marketing
Jon has worked in the recovery industry for four years and has held various positions in local treatment centers in the Austin, TX area. Jon has experience working for recovery homes as a recovery advocate. Jon personally struggled with his own addiction and at the age of 19 he obtained sobriety. He is a testament to the 12 steps and what they can do in an addict’s life to bring about the changes needed to experience success. He went to multiple treatment centers before he was able to "stay stopped".

Jon states that getting sober at a young age he struggled with the questions of "what do I do with the rest of my life?" and "what will my life look like without drinking?" He is driven to show people how to obtain sobriety and live a purposeful life without drugs or alcohol.

Jon reports that one of the most powerful messages that he has heard was that he did not have to live that way anymore, and as surprising as it sounds he did not think he had any other options. He strongly believes that an alcoholic or drug addict can't just stop when they want to. "Instead what is required is taking action in the recovery process and then not drinking or using is not an issue".