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Target Issues
Alcohol Abuse
Anger Management
Drug Abuse
Peer Relationships
Self Esteem
How frequently have you searched for a drug rehab center in Houston? When you or a loved one needs help with addiction, it can be hard to learn where to go. And when you do find a treatment center, you may wonder if it's the right fit. At Kemah Palms Recovery - Alcohol & Drug Treatment, we are dedicated to helping clients achieve lives free from addiction. Our holistic approach means that we don't just treat your addiction but also work toward behavioral change, education related to healthy relationships, stress management, and personal lifestyle changes. Through our programs, patients develop self-respect and dignity while gaining an understanding of personal strengths and weaknesses. When you check in at our facility, our team will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan to help you get back on track. We offer inpatient detox services and also offer outpatient treatment options for those who are ready to begin their journey into sobriety. We understand that addiction is a disease that requires treatment rather than punishment. Our staff members are trained extensively in addiction medicine so they can provide the highest quality care possible to each client who walks through our doors…

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Outpatient Program
Here’s a partial list of the addiction treatment modalities our clinicians can choose from:

Meditation therapy
Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT)
Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
Chronic pain recovery program
Group therapy
Family therapy
12-Step Program
After spending time involved with drug or alcohol abuse, there hopefully comes a time when the addict surrenders. Upon surrendering, they will probably ask for help in the form of treatment from a facility like Kemah Palms Recovery®. This is where patients get the opportunity for a physical and mental cleansing at a professional Houston medical detox center.

Within the foundation of rehab like Kemah Palms Recovery®, one is likely to see how the 12 steps are evident. This isn’t a coincidence. Instead, addiction treatment modalities use the 12 Step concepts as a treatment guideline. Think about it. Many addiction treatment options in Houston and throughout the country use the following script:

Addict admits to their illness
Addict seeks help from a rehab facility
Patient learns about their addiction and taking responsibility
Patient takes steps to fix issues and stay clean
Recovering patient continues using the first four steps as needed
Partial Hospitalization Program
Here’s a partial list of the modalities we can use:

Cognitive behavioral therapy
Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
Group therapy
Family therapy
Neurofeedback therapy
Yoga therapy
Motivational enhancement therapy (MET)
Addiction Recovey Program
Examples of evidence-based treatments offered at Kemah Palms include:

Cognitive behavioral therapy that encourages you to look for dysfunctional patterns in your thinking and actions
Dialectical behavior therapy, which presents you with tools for self-regulating emotional responses to volatile situations
Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing as a promising method for overcoming traumatic experiences
Group psychotherapy sessions that include anything from anger management to peer learning opportunities
Massage therapy and associated holistic treatments for a whole-body wellness experience
Non-12 Step Program
A non-12 step rehab center in Kemah, TX, offers treatment services such as:

Residential treatment
Outpatient treatment
Aftercare programs
Group therapy
Individual counseling
Motivational enhancement therapy
Relapse prevention therapy
Dialectical behavioral therapy
Cognitive behavioral therapy
Chronic pain recovery program
Holistic therapies
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